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 Rules and Regulations, Learn them, love them.
 Posted: Jan 13 2014, 12:58 PM
No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.
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1.You should already know this, but being polite to other members on the board is the best way to make yours and other members time on this board more enjoyable. No one likes a bully, so if you don't like someone; just don't say anything.

2. This board will have mature content on it from time to time but threads are to be clearly marked as "Mature" or [M]. Violence and sexual content will happen from time to time but please make sure it furthers the plot. Gratuitous violence and sex pulls away from the greater story. Please be aware that people will see what you type.

3. Discrimination based on age, creed, religion, affiliation, race, disability or sexual orientation will not be tolerated. While we do understand that CHARACTERS may have these prejudices PLAYERS should refrain from making inflammatory commentary that degrades or otherwise insults other members. Remember the golden rule.

4. The cbox is located inside the left sidebar. It is good to have opinions but be aware that the cbox is a public space. New players will read what you say and their opinion on this board will be influenced by it. If you have a disagreement with a player take it to private messages. Using the cbox for your personal soapbox will not be tolerated. We understand everyone has off days from time to time but it is never acceptable to take it out on your fellow players.

5. Keeping active is good, because it effects more people then just you. If you don't come online without a reason or warning for the max of a month, then your accounts will be placed in Lurker mode. We don't believe in deleting accounts unless we are asked to. So keep involved with what is going on, keep threads up and you will have a great time here on "The Yalanze Chronicles".

6. Patience is a good quality. Don't pressure people to write, don't nag and don't be a pest. Real life comes before RP life. Whether that be waiting for replies or if the site is undergoing maintenance or technical issues.

7. The Yalanze Chronicles uses one list for its Face Claims and Canon List since the active players on the board are the ones that dictate where the story goes because it is an original concept rp. One of the admins will add your playby to the Canon/Playby List upon acceptance of your character.


1. Please do your best to use correct grammar and punctuation. We realize that not everyone is an English major but please do your best to give us the best post you can. If you need help there are several browsers that have a spell checker to catch mistakes. Google Docs is also a good place to go when you wish to check your work as it automatically saves your replies.

2. God Modding will not be tolerated. You are not god. If you post, you cannot make any responses or actions of such of the other player. You can control yourself but not others. Some instances that are small can pass, especially with fighting threads. The old adage "You can ask a lady to dance but you cannot accept for her." applies here. If you have permission from the other player to write a scene involving their character please state it in an ooc message at the bottom or top of your post.

3. Patience is appreciated, double posting in a thread should be avoided. Please observe the posting order in any thread you are in. If needed a posting order listing will be created for ease of larger threads. The exception to this rule are NPC accounts which are limited and only exist to move the rp along.

4.When writing your response it is better to show not tell. Using the five senses when composing a post allows the reader to become engrossed in the story you wish to show. Dictionary.com is a wonderful resource that also includes a thesaurus. It is hoped that through rp our players will become better writers.

5. Be sure when offering rp advice to be as gentle as possible. With a text based medium it is very easy for words to be misconstrued and for hurt feelings to arise. It is often best to offer praise with criticism so that the other person doesn't feel like they are being put on the defensive. Likewise, if your words go unheeded or the other player disagrees let the matter drop. The important part of rp is to have fun.

6. If you are wanting to tag others into threads, make sure you respect them and ask their approval before including them. It makes it easier for everyone if they are all on the same page.

7. The Rating on this board is R. Please keep this in mind when writing violence or sexual encounters. Be sure to tag all threads with the Mature tag should the thread move that way. No one likes walking into a thread and being surprised. Likewise if you wish a thread to be mature but only involve certain people tag your thread appropriately.

8. As a general rule most players will have ONE playby. A secondary will be given under special circumstances but only with admin consent. Please use models and actors that are relatively well know for the ease of creating any graphics. No characters under the age of 14 will be accepted. Playbys should be !4 or above. Anything else is NOT acceptable.

9. Your characters should have an equal number of strengths and weaknesses. Mary Sue's and Gary Stews will be frowned upon and you will be asked to rewrite your character. Flaws are a great way to cultivate rp.

10. Try and keep your rp realistic. Yes this is a fantasy world but we do have normal people who interact with all the other beings on the planet. Even supernatural characters can have perfectly normal wants and desires.

11. We do not have character limits but if the Admin notices you have 10+ characters and no activity on certain accounts she may ask you to have them go on a caravan mission as a way to temporarily write them out of the main story line till you can come up with a way to bring them back in. We want you to enjoy your characters and its okay to have some for other seasons but be sure to let us know.

13. You can drop any character you want, but please let the admins and moderators know. We like to keep track of active characters. If you wish to put your character up for adoption please let an admin know or post it in the Character Adoption thread.

14. Try to plan out your character development. It will make your rp far more enjoyable. The admins and moderators are happy to assist with plotting for your character should you have need of it.

15. If bringing in a character from another world please be sure to indicate this in your application. Yalanze is open to many different beings and creatures and it helps if people know where your character came from. If using a copyrighted character please let the admins know so we can give proper credit.


1. In order to deliniate member accounts from non members it is appreciated if you have an avatar. The usual avatar size is 200 X 300 but avatars of 100 X 100 are accepted if that is all you can find. Ask an admin if you need assistance with finding an avatar that fits the requirements. Signatures can be 500 by 250. Again if you need assistance with a signature please contact an admin. Gifs for the mini profiles should be 100 x 100.

2. With signatures or images of your pb, please know that we don't want to see them naked. Girls, bikinis are the limit. With guys, top half can be bare but nothing else. No pubic or private regions can be shown, or accounts will be deleted.

3. The images for the Canon/Face Claim list are 200 x 150. If you have an image you prefer to be used for your character be used please let an admin know. We can resize your graphics if you need help with such.

Most Importantly.....


[22:38:38] I am the Head Admin, Live Life to the Fullest!! If you need a hand or have a question feel free to message me. I am always happy to help.
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